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From the President

With 30 years of experience acquired alongside major players, we offer all logistics and packing services forming part of the global chain of added value. By participating in product design and packaging development, and through the design of automated line, we provide services of primary and secondary packing, warehousing and logistics.
The integrated function optimization and engineering

Purchase, development and manufacture of machines, interlocked between them, selection of the best suppliers. A team of nearly 10 people : specialists in new technologies such as robot integration.

Depth knowledge of customers and their products

An ability to work with large clients , an expertise in project management (EDI) , accompanying them with a customized procedure from the steps of defining and creating the product .

The ability to develop and purchase packaging

A market knowledge and a recognition of suppliers.

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Société SPI
Parc industriel de la Plaine de l’Ain
Allée des Acacias
01150 Saint-Vulbas FRANCE
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Tel : + 33 (0)4 74 46 25 56