Sustainable Development

Creating value is the purpose of a business share is the sine qua non condition of its success

Convinced that to be sustainably successful, a company must integrate a responsible approach, SPI dialogue and acts voluntarily with its employees, with the Company and conducts the environmental actions for a sustainable and harmonious development

SPI focuses its recruitment policy, internal mobility, training and career management on competency particularly, and strives to ensure a healthy work environment and suitable for all employees.

For SPI, being the leader means to be a responsible company and irreproachable in relationships with others, whether they are employees, suppliers or customers. As a corporate citizen, the first duty of SPI is to provide a healthy working environment and safe for its employees. The group considers diversity and mix as dialogue and openness vectors, it is investing accordingly in the process development encouraging equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

Being responsible also means building strong and transparent relationships with suppliers and customers of the group by exceeding the simple business relationship. We have an ethical commitment and a willingness to consider our suppliers and customers as true partners of shared growth.
As part of its strategy to reduce its environmental footprint, SPI has set an ambitious target for its plants : reduce greenhouse gases in absolute, water consumption and waste generation per unit of product finished. For this, the group streamlines its resources and implements new technologies.

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