Nestlé Purina

P.A, European Industrial Director

“Our partnership with the SPI team goes back a number of years. We have always had an excellent working relationship based on customer satisfaction, close contacts and professional dialogue.
More recently, thanks to SPI's ability to provide practical support in the development of our activities, to come up with new technical solutions on a proactive or joint basis and to ensure financial transparency, we have gone one step further in making this partnership part of the day-to-day operations of our company.”

Mondelez –Procurement Europe, Middle Est&Africa

C-G, External Manufacturing, Coffee & Beverages Category

“Today, a major international firm like Mondelez expects suppliers to be full partners in the development of new products (process and packaging). We work alongside our parteners' R&D and engineering departments to develop new products. As a result, our suppliers now come into direct contact with many more departments in our company than before and so need to show considerable flexibility and communication skills in order to adapt to our corporate culture and working methods.
We now work only with partners who combine the ability to innovate, invest and develop ideas quickly, with the capacity to provide first-rate reliability, servicing and communication. This close partnership is focused on a service level agreement. We also expect our suppliers to deliver a full service (or finished product), and to purchase raw materials and packaging according to our specifications, at best cost.”


M.C, Directeur Co-manufacturing Mondelez France

“It's been 10 years that we work with SPI, our relationship grew when we decided to launch in short time and with great technical complexity , plastic boxes of chewing gum on the European market. Only SPI was able to meet our requirements by innovating and building customized competitive filling lines. Effectiveness, Efficiency, Safety are the three words that characterize today our partnership with the SPI team.”


H.V, Purchasing Department Marketing Nestlé France

“We expect all sub-contractors working in our name, whether in co-packing or co-manufacturaing, to be both professional and competitive.
Our current and future policy is to work only with those companies that are able to respect not only our deadlines but also the level of quality required by our specifications. When our technical divisions decide to use a sub-contractor, we identify the most suitable specialist in each area. We monitor a number of key indicators including the company's ability to be proactive, to work independently, to manage operational start-ups, and also to monitor production in terms of quality and deadlines with the associated reporting functions. This provides a basis on which to assess classify our sub-contractors.
We also expect our sub-contractors to have capacity to evolve, to remain at the leading edge of technology and to put forward suggestions for improvement with a view to making savings for both parties.”

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